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WILDHUNT - Beatrice LeFeu

Maggie's younger sister, Beatrice Violet LeFeu (Bea), is taken by a magical creature (Woden) just before Christmas. In order to save her sister Maggie must endure an ancient yuletide tradition and if she succeeds she may then be able to rescue Bea and bring her home. Woden is portrayed physically by James Kay and voiced by Jack Frank. The short film was written and directed by Hendrik Harms and filmed on location in Worcestershire by Harms Way Studios. Wildhunt was selected for the Lift Off Network Sessions in 2020 and was a finalist at the Stockholm City Film Festival 2020. Hendrik won the 60 second short film competition ran by Raindance in 2021.

Charlotte plays the part of Beatrice LeFeu and Tess Clarke played Maggie in Wild Hunt.

October - December 2019

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