MANHUNT - Lily Thornton

A group of sixth formers try to celebrate the end of their academic year by playing the annual traditional game of Manhunt. A drunken version of Hide and Seek. This year however, things do not go to plan when a group of friends decide it would be funny to invite Roger (Ashley Clarregde), the college 'loser'. Charlotte plays the part of Lily Thornton, one of the students who encourages Roger to come and 'play'. Manhunt was made in association with the National Youth Film Academy's Summer Shorts programme. Manhunt was one of two scripts awarded money by the NYFA to enable the script to be produced. The other winning script was On in 15 written by Joe Archer.

Manhunt was written and directed by Charles Solly of Sollywood Production House.

August 2019

Munhunt escapades
Roger "Todger"
Charlotte as Lily in Manhunt
Adventures in Manhunt
Manhunt Poster
Come and play Roger
Party !!!!