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Best Experimental Film 'Being Me (or Close to it)' -  UK Motion Picture Festival


Best Producer 'Being Me (or Close to it)' - Hollywood Blood Horror Festival 

Best Actor Silver Award 'Alone' - Best Actor Awards New York 

Best Miscellaneous Film 'Jester' 4 Theatre Film Festival

Best Horror ' Jester' Bright International Film Festival 

Best Short Indie Film 'Jester' Cult Movies International Film Festival

Nominated Best Horror Short Film 'Jester' Shockfest Film Festival, US

Best Horror Short ' Jester' Vesuvius International Monthly Film Festival

Finalist Best Experimental Short ‘Alone’ - AltFF Alternative Film Festival

Finalist Best Short Documentary ‘Alone’ -  Beyond The Curve International Festival

Finalist Best Web and New Media  ‘Alone’ - IndieX Film Festival

Finalist Best Short Film ‘Alone’  - Bright International Film Festival,

 Finalist Best Experimental ‘Alone’  - Bright International Film Festival,

Best Documentary ‘Alone’ - Hollywood Blood Horror Festival 

Best Documentary Film 'Our Shot' - Sunny Side Up Film Festival 

Best Inspirational Film 'Our Shot' - Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Best Experimental Film 'Our Shot' - Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Best Action Short 'Officer Down' Independent Shorts Awards 

Best Crime Film 'Officer Down' - Beeston Film Festival

Best  Short film 'Officer Down' - Unrestricted View Film Festival


Best Short Documentary Grand Jury Prize  ‘Our Shot’ - UK Motion Picture Festival 

Best Short Documentary ‘Our Shot’ -  Madras Independent Film Festival 

Best Family Faith Film  ‘Our Shot’ - Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival 

Best Inspirational Film ‘Our Shot’  - Indie Short Film Festival 

Best Documentary ‘Our Shot’ - Hollywood Blood Horror Festival  

Best Short Film 'Our Shot' - Cyrus International Festival of Toronto 

Finalist Best Short Documentary ‘Our Shot’ -  Beyond The Curve International Festival 

Finalist Best Picture ‘Our Shot’  - New York Film Awards 

Finalist Best Short film ‘Wild Hunt’ -  Stockholm City Film Festival 

Best Action Short Film 'Officer Down' - Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

Best Short Film 'Officer Down' - Fort Lauderdale Film Festival



Third Place Best Short Film ‘Slip Up’ - Lift Off Film Festival 

Runner Up Best Screenplay ‘Please Don’t Touch’ - Out of the Can Film Festival 
Third place Best Short screenplay ‘Please Don’t Touch’ - E & U European Short Film Festival

Semi Finalist  ‘Please Don’t Touch’ - Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards

Semi Finalist Best short script ‘Please Don’t Touch’ - Los Angeles Feedback  & Screenplay Festival

Best Feature Film 'Homeless Ashes' - Overcome Film Festival  

Best Feature Screen Play ' Homeless Ashes - Southampton International Film Festival

Best Horror Short 'Jester' - AltFF Alternative Film Festival 


Best Actor ' Champagne Dancing' - BFI Film Academy 

Man Holding Camera


DipLCM  -  Performance in Musical Theatre (Distinction)  - University of West London

PCertLAM - Acting - (Distinction) - LAMDA

European Certificate of Skilled Performance Combat - Screen Combat training - level 1 and Standard level

Grade 8 -  Singing  -  ABRSM
Grade 7 - Flute  - Trinty

Awards & Qualifications: Awards
Awards & Qualifications: Qualifications

Scholarships & Awards  

Recipient of the Professor Peter John CBE Scholarship 

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