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National Youth Theatre (NYT), The Oxford School of Drama (OSD), Carolina Giammetta,  Annie Tyson, Nadia Nadif,  Jesse Swimm, Jonjo O'Neil, Royal Shakespeare Company, Jonathan Reid Gealt, Bobby Standley,  TACT, Act4TV, National Youth Film Academy (NYFA), GSA, RADA, RCSSD, Letters to Eric Theatre Company,  Run At It Shouting, Stagefight (screen combat), Lee Knight


BFI Film Academy, Yamination Studios, Blue Hippo TV, Speak of The Devil TV, National Youth Film Academy, StageFight Limited



Nathan Marsh, Lindon Barr, Cleve September, Ross Hunter 



Ross Campbell, Louise Dearman, Jonathan Reid-Gealt, Tim Prottey Jones, Joe Vetch, Kieran Brown, Ria Keen, Kerry Ellis, Alfonso Casado, Micheal Freeman 

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