JESTER - Trish

The Painted Crows deliver gigs unlike any other. But for guitarist Dexter Jacobs (Chris Rutter), tonight is just like any other. Cursed with the ability to see what others will not, Dexter confronts dark and dangerous entities from beyond reality and wields powers even he cannot comprehend in order to protect his band, his friends, and his casual acquaintances. On a night out Trish's best friend, Lana (Grace Ward), goes missing and so Trish asks a stranger for help. Jester won the Best Horror Short at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival and is currently available to view on Amazon Prime

Charlotte's character Trish is one of The Painted Crows biggest fans. Jester is written and directed by Max Albrecht.

October 2018 - March 2019

Trish supporting The painted crows
The film poster for Jester
Mr Clips
Trish and Lana (fans of the painted crows)
The painted crows lead singer
Some of the awards for Jester
Ready to party?
to the rescue