Charlotte Catherine Wallis was born on 25th September 2001 in Bedford, England. When only a few months old Charlotte's family moved from Biddenham, Bedfordshire to the West Midlands. The move enabled Charlotte’s

disabled mom, Michele, to receive the assistance she needed from the wider family.  Charlotte's father, Jon, continued to work during the week in The City of London and so Charlotte grew up, together with her elder brother Jamie, with two bases (the Midlands and Central London). 


At the age of 10 Charlotte was heard singing, at school, by West End actress Lucy Key (nee Cound).  Lucy invited Charlotte to perform, along side West End actors, in a charity concert organised by Christopher Key, (Associate Director of Les Miserable & School of Rock in the West End and the Miss Saigon World Tour).  Charlotte found the experience exhilarating and discovered her desire to perform. However, due to her mother’s health Charlotte was restricted to performing as a hobby.  Then at the age of 13 it was suggested to Charlotte that she should audition for the British Youth Music Theatre Company (formerly Youth Musical Theatre UK). Her auditions were successful and so Charlotte spent her next two summer holidays, away from her caring duties at home, performing with BritYMT.  Firstly, in The Legend of White Bear Lake directed by Gemma Fairlie and then in the world premier of A Teenage Opera directed by Julie Atherton.

Over the next few years Charlotte performed on stage both nationally and regionally, including performing solos at Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Peacock Theatre in London’s West End. To date Charlotte’s most notable theatre credits include performing at the National Theatre in their production of Space 2 Create, under the direction of Rachel Young and Malik Nashid Sharpe, becoming an actor member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, playing Vicki in A Teenage Opera, Pea Gibbons in Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem and performing as Velma Kelly in Chicago. Most recently Charlotte has completed the R & D for the National Youth Theatre's  production of  'Silent Statues' produced in association with TikTok  and became a member of the Young Rep company (Birmingham Repertory Theatre)  2021-2022. 


Charlotte’s love of acting on screen was inspired when in September 2017, at the age of 16, she was selected by the British Film Institute (BFI) to take part in their Regional Film Academy.  As well as assisting the producer, Nerina Villa, Charlotte was cast as the lead actor in the BFI's short film ’Champagne Dancing’.  In November 2017 Charlotte's own short film script 'First Flush' was selected by the BFI's as part of their National Screenwriting Academy and 'First Flush' received it’s professional reading at the BFI in February 2018. In the same month Charlotte successfully auditioned to become an actor for the National Youth Film Academy (NYFA).  Charlotte has appeared in four NYFA funded films and has subsequently worked in conjunction with various members of NYFA on outside projects. Slip Up,  Jester, Wild Hunt. Manhunt, Being Me (or Close to it) and Alone have all been finalists and won awards at international film festivals.  Jester is available to view on Amazon Prime.  Charlotte will next be heard in the short film 'Good Grief' starring Vicky McClure, seen in the feature film Creek Encounters starring Kansas Bowling and Tamara Glynn and will be filming the part of  Tasha in 'Ultra Pure' starring opposite Michael Obiora in the Summer of 2022. In July 2021 Charlotte won the Best voice actor award at the Best Actor Awards in New York for her voiceover in 'Alone' and was selected to be the mentee of Daniel Alexander under the Back In Scheme supported by Screenskills and the BFI.


When not on stage or in front of the camera Charlotte continues to produce and write films, her credits include Producer/Associate Producer on Five award winning films 'Homeless Ashes' written and directed by Mac Zammit , ‘Our Shot', 'Alone' and Being Me (or close to it)  written and directed by Sage Drake and ‘Officer Down’ written by Simon Pearce and Tommy Draper and directed by Simon Pearce.  Charlotte was awarded the Best Producer Award by the Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival for Being Me (or Close to It). Charlotte’s second short screenplay script ‘Please Don’t Touch’ placed second at the Out of The Can Film festival in 2019 and was a semi finalist/prize winner at three other international film festivals during 2019.

With no connections to the acting industry Charlotte had been encouraged by her parents to pursue an academic career.  However following her selection by the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, together with being offered  places at Drama School Charlotte's parents have been persuaded to support her decision to make Acting her career.  Charlotte studied acting at The Oxford School of Drama and is contnuing her training with the Birmingham Rep Youth company, Letters to Eric Theatre Company and takes regular industry workshops.


 Behind the scenes of   Wild Hunt - written     and directed by   Hendrick Harms